Monday, July 27, 2009

Ao Pôr do Sol – Aitarak Leten

Title: Ao Pôr do Sol – Aitarak Leten (Sunset – On the Bush),
Dim: 50cmx50cm,
Year: 2009,
Status: Available

Kaibauk, Charcoal, 2008

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lavrador (Farming)

Title: Lavrador (Farming), Dim: 90cmx55cm, Year: 2009, Status: Available

Friday, July 10, 2009

Evolucão (Evolution)

Masterpiece Title: Evolucão (Evolution),
Dim: 100cmx90cm,
Year: 2009,
Status: Available

EVOLUTION: A perspective about women in Timor-Leste in the past and nowadays experiencing evolution through the corridor of life. Women of Timor-Leste are influenced by globalization and modernization waves and slowly moving away from the traditional and cultural values. The “Sanan Rai” (Timor handmade ceramic water containers) reflects women’s fragile emotions and thoughts.

Mãe, Ja Estou Com Sono (Mom, I’m sleepy)

Title: Mãe, Ja Estou Com Sono (Mom, I’m sleepy),
Dim: 50cmx65cm,
Year: 2009,
Status: Available

Cántico da Paz (Song of Peace)

Title: Cántico da Paz (Song of Peace),
Dim: 50cmx70cm,
Year: 2009,
Status: Available

Responsabilidade da Mãe (Mother’s Responsibility)

Title: Responsabilidade da Mãe (Mother’s Responsibility),
Dim: 70cmx100cm,
Year: 2009,
Status: Available

Homan-Mãos Delicadas (Weaving-Delicate hands)

Title: Homan-Mãos Delicadas (Weaving-Delicate hands),
Dim: 68cmx90cm,
Year: 2009,
Status: Available

Utencilios da Cozinhas (Kitchen Utensils)

Title: Utencilios da Cozinhas (Kitchen Utensils),
Dim: 110cmx70cm,
Year: 2009,
Status: Available

Epoca Seca (Dry Season)

Title: Epoca Seca (Dry Season),
Dim: 60cmx70cm,
Year: 2009,
Status: Available

Ao Regresso (Return)

Title: Ao Regresso (Return),
Dim: 100cmx100cm,
Year: 2007,
Status: Available

Ba Mai, Charcoal, 2006

Cabassa, Charcoal, 2006

Uma Brincadera, Charcoal, 2009

No title, Charcoal, 2006

Meu Erro, Charcoal, 2008

Fase Sanan, Charcoal, 2008

Bisicleta (Bicycle), charcoal, 2008

Tres Filhos (Three Children), Charcoal, 2008